2020-ж., 19-сен.
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Do you think I earned by Drivers License???
My Boyfriend:
TikTok: RosannaPansino
I had so much fun being surprised with a #New #Car by my #Boyfriend! It wasn't what I expected but I had a ton of fun driving it around and getting my drivers license!
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  • Yes

    Taylor Rose ShultzTaylor Rose Shultz11 саат мурун
  • HER HAIR!! Ahh

    Avery PriceAvery Price11 саат мурун
  • I need one of those cars

    fatima arshadfatima arshad22 саат мурун
  • To you should make ur website into an app as well!

    Sarah NewcombSarah NewcombКүн мурун
  • Is it a kids car. . .or is it the tiniest Tesla EVER! 🧐

    Riki StevensRiki Stevens2 күн мурун
  • Advertising for car? Lol!! Let's all celebrate dumb day

    wasim ganjuwasim ganju3 күн мурун
  • Love your shirt!!!

    Amy WelchAmy Welch3 күн мурун
  • Yes

  • I want to get one of those cars for the kids. Where do I get it???

    Tammy MillerTammy Miller5 күн мурун
  • My kids say yes, you should get your license.

  • I feel like RO have changed

    Oumaima HedrachOumaima Hedrach9 күн мурун
  • you should put blue and coconut in the hood

    LeaRoy McCoyLeaRoy McCoy10 күн мурун
  • Tiny car

    Tharikha KarunanidhiTharikha Karunanidhi11 күн мурун
  • Yes i think you should

    Melanie Villela MelgarMelanie Villela Melgar11 күн мурун
  • I love your merch

    Ejeme OsinEjeme Osin11 күн мурун
  • yes pass

    Elise DesrochersElise Desrochers12 күн мурун
  • Yes you do

    Billy SevekBilly Sevek12 күн мурун
  • You could fit some baking supplies or some cupcakes 🧁 in the hood u should true it Also you should put blueberry and coconut in the Tesla

    Ada DevonAda Devon12 күн мурун
  • nobody: literaly nobody: Rosanna:1:45,*CRAKING HERSELF UP* Me:LMAO ALSO Me:should i make a comment about that experiance?🤔

    samantha gobinsamantha gobin13 күн мурун
  • You passed

    King SwampKing Swamp14 күн мурун
  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you Ro Pansino💗💗

    Leah HuttonLeah Hutton15 күн мурун
  • I can say you passed. . . For me u got a B+ on the test!!

    CharBLOXCharBLOX15 күн мурун
  • backing is a art cooking is a sientes

    Raelynn JohnsonRaelynn Johnson17 күн мурун
  • Hi fish eggs. lol love you!

    J.S.HilldaleJ.S.Hilldale17 күн мурун
  • ❤️❤️Ok, who agrees that they NEED to get married already! Like I’ve been dying to see them get married!! They are SOOOO cute together!!❤️❤️ ❤️Like if you agree!❤️ ⬇️ ⬇️

    Pari PatelPari Patel19 күн мурун
  • You're prettier when you are wearing light and simple make up that looks natural.

    Catherine ArcibalCatherine Arcibal19 күн мурун
  • yes i do

    Rachael PlesaRachael Plesa20 күн мурун
  • yes you deserved it

    Heidi Martin PocheHeidi Martin Poche20 күн мурун
  • yes and yall are the bomb .com

    Heidi Martin PocheHeidi Martin Poche20 күн мурун
    • I agree

      Heidi Martin PocheHeidi Martin Poche20 күн мурун
  • I want one!!

    Sazzy KankoSazzy Kanko21 күн мурун
  • Yes

    Colleen JohnsonColleen Johnson21 күн мурун
  • Me: hearing ro is 4 10 Also me :realizing im taller than her

    The book of random gameplay /TBORGThe book of random gameplay /TBORG22 күн мурун
  • WHAT DO YOU DO TO YOUR FACE!??!!!😳😳😳 My goodness girl you just destroy your beautiful face. SAD

    Sarah SarahSarah Sarah22 күн мурун
  • Like si vienes de la play store

    MØRITA 66MØRITA 6622 күн мурун
  • She must be exhausting to be around 24/7. “My boyfriend, my boyfriend” BRO we get it.

    Raqui SoaresRaqui Soares23 күн мурун
  • i was scared ro was going to run over bluebarry and coconut!!!!

    Lea GuibordLea Guibord24 күн мурун
  • You did pass

    darin blakelydarin blakely24 күн мурун
  • NOOO you Cut your hair :( but it looks good

    BellBell26 күн мурун
  • I got two of your cookbooks for my birthday! I’ve always wanted them and now I have them

    Abby SmithAbby Smith27 күн мурун
  • You passed the test

    Gina RomeroGina Romero27 күн мурун
  • LOL

    Fouad AZZOUZYFouad AZZOUZY27 күн мурун
  • Another clothing store that has xxs is Lily Pulitzer.

    Jessica SaenzJessica Saenz28 күн мурун
  • this looks so fun and I am 20

    CarsoNationCarsoNationАй мурун
  • 8:47 got me 😂

    Charlie ChewCharlie ChewАй мурун
  • you are the best youtuber in the whole world

    Johneisha PhillipsJohneisha PhillipsАй мурун
  • i love you and your boyfriend i am a bigggggggg fan i love your videos and blueberry and cookie and i forgot the white puppy name i am so sorry but i still love him

    Johneisha PhillipsJohneisha PhillipsАй мурун
  • Could you make a altitude cook book or add adjustments for your existing recipes. I love all of your recipes but baking at altitude is a whole different beast

    Cara ButlerCara ButlerАй мурун
  • Me: *seeing this video before the first one* Also me: OMG SHE GOT A CAR! Me again: *looking at the car* 😱💥 Ro: Look At this Hot Rod! Me:🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅🚗

    Luis Martinez-OrbeLuis Martinez-OrbeАй мурун
  • yes

    Aliza BlannerAliza BlannerАй мурун
  • I havent watch you in like 1 year when i come back and found this my dreams were crushed

    Broken BurstBroken BurstАй мурун
  • ترجمي الفيديوات

    ali talpali talpАй мурун
  • weredid you gat this car can you sand a link

    Mina CadanerMina CadanerАй мурун
  • Who wants to see the dogs try to fit in there

    Pilar OropezaPilar OropezaАй мурун
  • Love your dog names and they look so cute rip cookie blueberry coconut

    cutcat kittylovercutcat kittyloverАй мурун
  • That cardboard cutout of Ro is honestly creepy......

    Neelanjana GoswamiNeelanjana GoswamiАй мурун
  • They live together, Mike buys Ro all kinds of things and puppies :), They clearly love each other a lot, BUT THEY'RE NOT MARRIED!!!!! Mike has gotta propose like, NOW!

    Neelanjana GoswamiNeelanjana GoswamiАй мурун
  • yes you passed

    Tanya DavisTanya DavisАй мурун
  • Yes

    Lewis KirkbrideLewis KirkbrideАй мурун
  • You should prank Justine with that toy car try to fool her into thinking that you drove all the way to her house with that thing but really you came by your real car

    Majestic EspeonMajestic EspeonАй мурун
  • Did she get lip fillers

    Loyal 152Loyal 152Ай мурун
  • That so cool

    Reygan BrockReygan BrockАй мурун
  • Who else can't afford this noice of car?

  • No

    danilealuvifydanilealuvifyАй мурун
  • you're joke was so indeed a "dad joke" 😂

    LyricsofficialLyricsofficialАй мурун
  • U feill

    cup cake oceaniacup cake oceaniaАй мурун
  • Me to

    cup cake oceaniacup cake oceaniaАй мурун
  • Passed! 👍

    Andrew SAndrew SАй мурун
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Kinnari Amit Patel PatelKinnari Amit Patel PatelАй мурун
  • I really thought husky got her a new car!! I was fooled by the key! Anyone else?

    Hannah JaradatHannah JaradatАй мурун
  • love it XD

    ItzThe CrazyPeeps :3ItzThe CrazyPeeps :3Ай мурун
  • Hei like Your vids

    Hans-Daniel GardnerHans-Daniel GardnerАй мурун
  • How could you fit in that 😂😂🤣🤣😅😅

    Will PorterWill PorterАй мурун
  • Ro:Husky surprised me with a new car! Me:HE DID WHAT?! *sees her car* Oh now it makes sense🤣

    ChocoBerry VanillaCakeChocoBerry VanillaCakeАй мурун
  • Me

    Avery VanaterAvery VanaterАй мурун
  • Put the dogs in the trunk

    Haley ThomasHaley ThomasАй мурун
  • 😄😄👏👏👏👌👌♥️♥️

    Fatima BellaFatima BellaАй мурун
  • LoL really?! thats funny she got a miniature car!🤣

    Politico BeastPolitico BeastАй мурун
  • Get married people!!!!!!

    Annalise TBAnnalise TBАй мурун
  • Finally Baking All Year Round signed copy is back in stock 🥰😍❤️SOLD👍

    Crystal RodriguezCrystal RodriguezАй мурун
  • That is sow small

    Theresa McCarronTheresa McCarronАй мурун
  • Did Ro get cheek filler?

    Marcus' MashupsMarcus' MashupsАй мурун

    N AlbayatiN AlbayatiАй мурун
  • I didn't know Ro wad THAT small. Danny Devito is 4' 10"

    Lou DeLucaLou DeLucaАй мурун
  • I really really really love your videos

    Ellas h WorldEllas h WorldАй мурун
  • I am shipping them mosanna mike+rosanna

    Kaleia RaulsKaleia RaulsАй мурун
  • Rockin the hair cutout go girl

    Kaleia RaulsKaleia RaulsАй мурун
  • I love your video

    Lennyn MorrisonLennyn MorrisonАй мурун
  • Who else thought that she was about to run over those poor puppies or dogs just be careful Rowe be careful

    Tyler AdamsTyler AdamsАй мурун
  • OMG that is so beautiful 💕🤩

    Paul GangtePaul GangteАй мурун
  • Where is coconut/dog

    L i v・L o v eL i v・L o v eАй мурун
  • I did not know you have a boy friend🥇🎀🥇🏀

    Amanda ParkerAmanda ParkerАй мурун
  • Yes uuuum Definitely lol 😱😂

    Cool JordanCool JordanАй мурун
  • Yes

    Jeffrey AudetJeffrey AudetАй мурун
  • Aunt joke

    Amelia BarrasAmelia BarrasАй мурун
  • i love ur hair

    Mandy JusticeMandy JusticeАй мурун
  • OMG I am 11 and i am 5 feet

    Rafael PerezRafael PerezАй мурун
  • She looks nice 👍🏻 in her new merch Nice car 🚘🚗

    lomite heeralomite heeraАй мурун
  • Nice

    Ashfaq Hussain SywaniAshfaq Hussain SywaniАй мурун
  • Yes

    Etika RibssEtika RibssАй мурун
  • Omg is a good night

    Audrielle WestonAudrielle WestonАй мурун